Positive Impact to Rural Communities of the US

Impact Investments to Combat Climate Change and Create Economic Development

Value Add Capital Partners For Developers

Equity Capital for Small Scale Environmental Sustainability Infrastructure

Who We Are

Climate Capital Funds has been formed to manage the Rural Decarbon Impact Funds investing in small-scale environmental sustainability infrastructure requiring equity of $1-10 million.

We invest in infrastructure opportunities that decarbonize the US economy, support job creation and economic development in rural communities.


Stable Returns

We structure investments to provide stable, risk-adjusted returns from long-term cash flows.

Environmental Sustainability

Equity capital for construction and operation of income-generating infrastructure.


Our investments must deliver impact results to combat climate change, create jobs, and catalyze economic growth in rural communities.


Successful and Seasoned Team

We bring 75+ years' of experience in origination, structuring, capital formation, and fund management.

Value-Add Partners

We partner with management to deliver institutional project execution.


We have an efficient, scalable investment process that maintains institutional quality underwriting and diligence.

The Opportunity is Now

Why Decarbon?

  • Paris Climate Accord Mandate
  • Federal Government Accelerated Spending
  • State & Local Government Focus
  • Shortfall in Project Capital

Why Rural?

  • 97% of US is Rural
  • Rural Renewable Resources are Abundant
  • Rural Economic Opportunity
  • Investments are Ideal for Rural Communities

Why Small-Scale?

  • Commercial-ready Technologies Available
  • Declining Costs & Improving Efficiencies
  • Grid Decentralization
  • Attractive Returns Available


  • Triple Bottom Line: Combat Climate Change, Create Jobs, and Economic Growth
  • Results are Tracked and Published
  • Attractive Returns for LPs
  • Underserved Small Scale Projects
Impact Metrics Coming Soon