Investment Criteria

Closing The Funding Gap

Our mission is to decarbonize the US economy by closing the funding gap for small scale environmental sustainability infrastructure in rural areas

Use of Proceeds

Build, own, and operate environmental sustainability infrastructure in rural communities

Investment Attributes

  • Qualified developers with successful track records
  • Long-term contractual agreements
  • Commercially proven equipment/technology from established vendors
  • Experienced
  • EPCs Credit-worthy counterparties

Types of Environmental Sustainability Infrastructure

Renewable Energy

(small scale solar, onshore wind, hydro, and biomass)

Grid Edge

(micro grids, net zero and positive energy buildings, and CHP)

Alternative Fuels/

(EV fleets, biomethane to RNG and hydrogen/fuel cells)

Energy Efficiency

Battery Energy Storage

Investment Size

$1-10mm of equity capital


Preferred equity securities with a preferred return and equity participation after repayment of preferred equity


Preference toward control investments, but will consider non-control with certain features

Impact Investing

Positive environmental and social impact through lowered carbon output while catalyzing job creation and economic growth in rural communities


Rural areas of the United States